How was your day?

I woke up really early. 
Went to school with B. 
Danced at the children's day concert. 
Danced again with some mommies at the canteen while giving out snacks to the kids (because there was music).
Played basketball and dart with my boys. 
Ate cheese prata with the boys.
Read scriptures. 
Talked to a friend. 
Had facials. 
And pedicure. 
Tried to keep in touch with  my family. 
Understood when my family was to busy to keep in touch. 
Became a "friend" to my husband. 
Worked hard. 
Got rejected. 
Cycled for an hour to move on from rejection.
Had black coffee. 
Ate fruits. 
Took vitamins. 
Finished my phone's memory by recording memories. 
Did some crafts. 
Gave thanks to God. 
My only regret is sleeping late. Because I'd like very much to finish this post.
Wrote this post.
And smiled a lot.

Hope you too had the best day ever!