Port of Lost Wonder

Enjoyed our family time on the eve of Daddy's birthday at Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa --- a nice place for family bondings, picnics and water play. 

It was first time for us to not worry about Kuya wandering off because Miguel stepped up and took charge! In the photos you can see that they are always together as they would wait for each other all the time! At one point, when the lifeguard talked to Kuya about something, Miguel was there to the rescue, ready to explain about Kuya's autism. HAPPINESS OVERLOAD. I couldn't help but get teary eyed to see that happening.. we can think of it as the boys birthday "gift" for daddy :)

Port of Lost Wonder is open everyday, with $15 entrance fee per child on peak days and holidays and $10 on normal days. FREE entrance for adults. 
More photos here

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