It's a decision to love life. Every minute of it.

Today, It was just the boys and me as Daddy went biking at Pulau Ubin and Mae enjoyed a day off. Which means, WORK day for me. Ha.

The day started quite not so nicely because I was waken up by a bad dream, some negative thoughts about Kuya's mood swings lately..  and I smell PMS.  But at 41,  I am becoming so good at loving my life, no matter how hard it is sometimes that what started to be a bad day ended with a bottle of red wine and this blog post.. My day wasn't so bad after all...

I arranged flowers, washed plates, cleaned the house and I loved it. 

I baked. While I finished some backlogs for work. 

I fed the boys. I ate with them. I played with them. I loved it. 

We... I mean, I sorted toys, books, flash cards... and we all loved it. 

Yes, life may be hard at times. But it can still be beautiful, happy, colorful. If you DECIDE it to be! 

Not in the photos: 
Miguel's beat box performance
Miguel preparing Milo for Kuya
Kuya's fascination with his old photos
Wine with hubby
chat w/ team
week 6 planning
my teal manicure hahaha! 

Heavenly Father, you are my life, and to be with you is the fullness of joy and peace and life; in your loving care for me, I am never truly alone. Help me to live in the certainty of your love and presence each new day. - Praying With Saint Luke 

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